Continued Applying/Toning Fills

Fills continued to be applied to areas of loss throughout the bottom half of the painting. The team began to tone the white fills (both new and old) with red-brown colored gouache paints (Pictured here: Tia Polidori)

Continued Applying Fills and Began Toning

A detail of the left edge during fill application. Note the presence of both old and new fills; areas of loss where the canvas has been left exposed have yet to be filled.

Before IMAGE


A detail of the left edge after fill application and during the toning process. Red-brown colored gouache paints were applied to all areas of fill in order to match the original stratigraphy of the painting, Cross-sectional analysis revealed that the artist applied at least two coats of red-brown paint to the canvas to serve as a ground layer before working up the composition.