Acknowledgments for Cortona Website

University of Delaware

Kristin deGhetaldi - Paintings Conservator/Project Leader

Brian Baade - Paintings Conservator/Assistant Professor of Historic Painting Techniques

Dr. David R. Stone - Professor of Art History and Director of the Curatorial Track Ph.D. in Art History

Dr. Joyce Hill Stoner - Edward F. and Elizabeth Goodman Rosenberg Professor of Material Culture, UD; Director, Preservation Studies Doctoral Program, UD, and Paintings Conservator, Winterthur/UD Program in Art Conservation

Debra Hess Norris - Chair of the Art Conservation Department at the University of Delaware/Professor of Photograph Conservation

Richard Wolbers - Associate Professor, Coordinator of Science and Affiliated Paintings Conservator

Project Photographer

Steven Crossot

Villanova University - College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Rev. Kail Ellis - Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dr. Robert deVos - Associate Vice President for Instructional Analysis, Mathematics and Statistics

Dr. Timothy McCall - Professor of Art History

Dr. Anthony Lagalante - Professor of Chemistry

Brad Thorstensen - Machinist/Instrument Technician

Dr. Adele Lindenmeyr - Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Dr. Amanda Norbutus - Post-doctoral Fellow, Chemistry

Rev. Richard Cannuli - Faculty/Curator of Villanova Univeristy Art Collection

Villanova University - Falvey Library

David Lacy - Project Web Designer/Library Software Development Specialist

Darren Polley - Scholarly Outreach / Theology Librarian

Margaret Duffy - Manager/Budget and Administrative Services Specialist

Jeannine Ahern - Budget and Administrative Services Specialist

Jacqueline Smith - Budget and Administrative Services Specialist

Lorraine Holt - Budget and Administrative Services Specialist

Alice Bampton - Visual Specialist and Senior Writer

Villanova University - Media Relations

Kathleen Scavello - Assistant Director of Media Relations

Jonathan Gust - Director of Media Relations

Engineering & Construction Services

Jim Matthews - Project Manager

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Dr. Carl Brandon Strehlke - Curator of the John G. Johnson Collection

Teresa Lignelli - Senior Paintings Conservator

Dr. Jack Hinton, Assistant Curator of European Decorative Arts and Sculpture/Philadelphia Museum of Art

Outside Consultants

Dr. Sergio Guarino - Curator (Curatore Storico dell'Arte)/Capitoline Museum

Matteo Rossi Doria - Conservator/C.B.C. Conservazione Beni Culturali Roma

Dr. Anna Lo Bianco -Art Historian/Palazzo Barbarini (Ex-Director)

Claudio Falcucci - Cultural Heritage Scientist

Marco Cardinali - Cultural Heritage Scientist/Emmebi Diagnostica Artistica s.r.l.

Winterthur Museum and Gardens - Scientific Research and Analytical Laboratory

Dr. Jennifer Mass - Senior Scientist and Affiliated Associate Professor (University of Delaware)

Catherine R. Matsen - Associate Scientist and Affiliated Assistant Professor

Dr. Chris Petersen - Affiliated Associate Professor

Washington and Lee University - Chemistry Department

Dr. Erich S. Uffelman - Bentley Professor of Chemistry

Sam Florescu - Student

Alex Garcia - Student

Ashley Ooms - Student

GE Energy Management's Inspection Services

James McKinney III - ASNT RT Level III

Mark Shurtleff - Radiation Safety Officer

Berry College

Michael O'Malley - College Archivist

Project Interns

Emily Wroczynski

Maggie Bearden

Ellen Nigro

Allison Rabent

Keara Teeter

Serena Vella

Claire Burns

Katie Rovito

Project Volunteers and Assistants

Sarah Steffan

Tia Polidori

Jenna Borges

Morgan Shankweiler

Emily Immel

Stephanie Carrato

Sarah Beaver

Rachael Modrovsky

Joanna Hurd

Elizabeth McDermott

Villanova Students

Kristen Watts

Rachel Godat

Menika Dirkson

Alexandra Stump

Outside Contributors - Golden Artist Colors, Inc.

Mark Golden - CEO and Co-Founder

Jim Hayes - Technical Director