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    1963 (Dedication of University Library) Villanova University Library is rededicated in honor of the late Rev. Daniel P. Falvey, O.S.A. (who passes in 1962) who had devoted nearly half his life to the library. Rev. Falvey founded the "Friends of Villanova Library" committee to raise funds for the building; Eugenia Ruspoli and the Droutzkoy family were active members.
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    Date: 1963-01-01
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    2001 (Death of Eugenia's Grandson) - Eugenia's grandson, Alexis Droutzkoy Jr. (born 1956 in NY) dies on January 15th. Triumph of David briefly examined and deemed a possible insurance loss.
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    Date: 2001-01-01
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    2013 (Death of Eugenia's Niece) - Eugenia's adopted niece Maria Theresa Alexis Droutzkoy dies at the age of 71.
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    Date: 2004-01-01
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    September 2013 (Start of Conservation/Examination)- Conservation treatment begins on the Triumph of David performed by professional conservators from the University of Delaware
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    Date: 2013-01-01