Continued Cleaning Process

Mixtures of organic solvents were used to remove most of the superficial varnish layers. However, areas that were covered with thick applications of overpaint required the use of solvent gels to gently swell and remove the unoriginal restoration, revealing the original paint layers beneath (Pictured here: Maggie Bearden).

Left Edge

The left and right edges are the most damaged areas of the painting and were therefore heavily overpainted during various restoration campaigns. A combination of free solvents and solvent gels were used to remove the darkened and discolored overpaint. This detail clearly shows how the overpaint was used to obscure old tears and losses to the painting layer throughout the torso of the standing soldier.

Right Edge

Heavy additions of overpaint were found covering the head and torso of the kneeling woman in the bottom right corner. Based on cross-sectional analysis, most of the overpaint in this area seems to have been applied during a 19th-century restoration campaign.