Preparation for X-Radiography

Continued to apply fills and tone losses throughout upper section.

Preparing the Space

A team from GE Energy Management Inspection Services helped to prepare the space to ensure that all safety precautions were followed accordingly. The x-ray tube was positioned on tripod in front of the painting at a fixed distance for all 120 captures (Pictured Here: James McKinney III and Mark Shurtleff from GE Energy Management).

Preparing the Film

A special holder equipped with magnets was designed by Villanova's Instrument/Machinist expert Brad Thorstensen to hold the light-sensitive polyester film in place during each exposure. The film could be easily slid in and out of the holder while the magnets were used to suspend the film in a fixed position (Pictured Here: Project Leader Kristin deGhetaldi).

Positioning the Film

Over a period of 3 days, over 120 captures were taken of the painting. A number of volunteers were involved in the lengthy process which involved scaffolding, ladders, and other cumbersome equipment (Pictured Here: Project intern Keara Teeter and project volunteer Morgan Shankweiler).