Cleaning and Consolidation

The conservation team performed a number of cleaning and consolidation tests on the painting in order to evaluate the safest and most effective method of treatment

Cleaning Tests

Performed cleaning tests with Professor Richard Wolbers from the University of Delaware to determine most appropriate method to safely remove discolored/darkened surface coatings and overpaint. The bottom image shows a detail of a solvent gel being applied to areas of tenacious, darkened overpaint that had been applied over an old tear during a previous restoration. (Picture here: Richard Wolbers and Emily Wroczynski).

Non-Destructive Analysis (XRF)

Began preliminary non-destructive analysis of pigments using X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) with the assistance of faculty and students from Villanova's Chemistry Department. Please refer to X-Ray Fluorescence section for additional detail. (Pictured here: Kristen Watts and Dr. Amanda Norbutus)

Paint Consolidation

Areas of flaking paint required remedial consolidation using a conservation adhesive (BEVA 371) before surface grime and superficial layers of varnish could be safely removed (Pictured here: Emily Wroczynski and Maggie Bearden).